About Us

We at bengalbulletin.com are well trained, which gives us the idea of where to collect the best news from. To make sure that we do not lack in any information, we have set certain people at different locations who are responsible for calling us up whenever there is an emergency or a piece of spicy news.

We know that people all around the world, put their trust on the news channel. Therefore, we always work by following the journalistic ethics which do not give us permission to influence and twist the news according to the wishes of the political parties.

With the world going through technological advancement and change, it has become important for us to keep ourselves technologically advanced. We are well aware of the technological changes and try to adopt them in providing news to our viewers.

Viewers will be able to look at the news that is being forecasted on bengalbulletin.com from the device that they prefer to use. It is not only accessible in Laptops and computers, but also in mobile phones like Android and iPhones. This makes the news reach out to everyone who is interested in it.

News has always been considered to be of utmost importance. We are well aware of the role played by a news channel in the everyday lives of the citizens of a nation. This has made us to make sure that the news that reaches out to the viewers are in no way played with. They are as pure as they should have been.

Any misleading information is avoided until and unless true facts can be found. Not only are the reporters responsible for bringing the best news for the TRP of the channel, but also for conducting thorough research to make sure that all the facts are authentic.

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